Belt lifting history

HOOS Technology is a disruptive evolution to everything before.
The technology is registered at OSIM ( Patent Registration Office in Romania, under WIPO ) RO121995 B1, at WIPO under 2007085783.
First idea application back in 1870. Romanian patent application of Dr. Ing. Comsa Vasile marked first practical idea implementation in Romania, 1996. The belt lifting technology was successfully tested in 2003 - 2011 to produce sandy, heavy and viscous oil.

 Advantages - HOOS

Best suited for heavy, sandy, paraffinic oil wells with static level down to 4000 m
Submergence less than 10 m below the static level
Works directly in the production casing, no tubing, no artificial pressure
Ability to reduce lifting costs down to 70%.
Real time reporting for production, energy consumption, other parameters
Economically efficient from 0.5 tons/day
Insensitive to the negative influence of gas, CO2,
Environment friendly

Efficiency increases with the oil viscosity increase

Best choice for heavy oil production

All the conventional artificial oil lifting technologies were designed for the production of light oil. Given this purpose, their lifting efficiency decreases dramatically when the oil viscosity increases. On the opposite, HOOS technology has the ability of having the lifting efficiency increased when the oil viscosity increases.

  • Higher production
  • Smooth & Energy saving operation
  • Continuous opreration in cold areas
  • Unaffected by sand flow / less downtime


" 400% more "

" 400% " more produced oil than using traditional technologies previously used in the same wells

Quick payback

Significant and quick return
Quantitative efficiency and
quick payback

Reduction of energy

Reducing the cost of oil production to 65% and
increasing oil production over to 400%

Positive feedback

Immediate positive impact after improvement of processes
Immunity to the presence of gas

Decline in reconstruction

Significant reduction in the need for well reconstruction.

" Cost Reduction "

Reducing all costs by 65% Reducing energy consumption by 75% compared to conventional oil production
TOTAL COST OF 1 BBL / will be between 4 and 2 Euro / BBL
* (depending on oil production).

 Environmental care

                   HOOS Technology

Up to 90 % electricity consumption saved
The unit weights 1.2 tones, produced using hi- technology with the corresponding efficiency
Easily meets 400% net production increase
Virtual no metal scrap during operation 

                 Traditional pump well

Big electrical motors used
Tons of bare metal used to produce the unit and Economically inefficient in marginal oil fields
Tubes, rods and strings are used and replaced during operation – resulting in tens of tons of metal that must be produced, transported, mounted and maintained

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