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Ultimate development

HOOS is the ultimate development of Heavy Oil Artificial Lifting Technology using oil absorbent, continuous belt.

What is HOOS

The technology is augmented with fully featured operating system providing on-line communication, remote control, production optimization, in order to contribute to your development of digital oilfield.


It was designed with a focus on optimized production, energy efficiency, extreme reliability and care for the environment.

HOOS Description

HOOS is a new artificial oil lifting technology focusing on medium and heavy oil reserves. In contrast with traditional technologies, it replaces vertical pumping with vertical transportation. This innovation allows the technology to:

  • Increase production time
  • Decrease
  • Reduce energy and costs

HOOS – Surface Unit

The surface unit is an assembly of different specialized systems:

Metering system

Efficient modular driving system, capable of lifting oil as deep as 4000 meter.

Metering system: instant production, energy consumption. Control system: fully featured IT operating system

Anti-stick system

Oil collecting system: variable compression unit and air compressed blowing unit

Belt anti-stick system to reduce down hole paraffin deposits. Moebius system: single sided
continuous belt

Auto-status system

Pressure prevention system, up to 160 bar

 Auto-status system: belt speed unit, pressure unit, temperature unit, proximity unit, video
broadcasting unit

HOOS – Down - Hole Unit

Technology within down-hole unit:

Variable dimensions

Variable dimensions, to fit the casing
Anti-torsion system

Modular design

Heavy duty bearings
Modular design to alter unit weight 

Optimal belt tension

Maintain optimal belt tension
Anti-seizing system, allowing slight vertical movement

HOOS – Operating System

Fully featured IT operating system designed for:

  • Remote control
  • Predefined operation routines:
    start and stop scenarios
    optimize production or consumption
    report belt and unit status
    report production status and production diagnostics
  • Auto start, auto stop scenarios

HOOS lifting:

Improved production
High energy efficient
High availability
Low environmental impact

Measurement unit:

ATEX sensors
Main measurement mechanism & backup
Automatically transferred to pipeline infrastructure

Automation box:

Strip speed adjustment
Safety emergency stop

User reports:

Secured access
Customized production reports: Per time period / Per cost center / Per organizational structure e.g. asset

GPRS modem:

Secure data transmission
Two way communication


Encrypted data storage
Possibility to automatically interface with other systems, e.g. PIMMS




ATEX sensors
Automatic shutdown in case of malfunction


Main mechanism: pump strokes x cylinder capacity
Backup: level differences


Automatic belt speed adjustment to increase production
Energy management


Measurement unit can be adjust based on well characteristics


Programmable levels of thresholds


Data can be automatically transferred to other
IT systems

  Current Limitations

Wells with static level deeper than 4000m
Wells producing more than 500 bbl/day
Wells that are deviated more than 5°, depending of the oil lifting depth and the well bore configuration
Temperatures above 130° C

Pumping versus HOOS Lifting




Operational costs

 Future development

Adapted depth equipment and the adjacent technology to insert it in deviated wells, without azimuth change.
Oil volume up to 100 m3/day (600 bbl/day). Increased lifting depth down to 6.000m

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